Save Your Subscriptions!

The A Cappella Choir will be holding a Magazine Renewal Rally this August in conjunction with Students Orientation Days (August 1-3) to benefit our vocal music department. All Central High School parents can help the success of this program by waiting to renew your magazine subscriptions until the rally. For every magazine renewal, the vocal music department will receive 40% of the subscription price. This is a great way to support the students of Central High School without spending money you don't already plan to spend! New subscription orders and gift orders are also welcome and will benefit our fundraiser. Current subsciptions can be renewed during the Magazine Rally simply by bringing your mailing labels from the magazines you wish to renew with you to student orientation. Those renewals will begin to arrive when the current subscription expires. Please support the vocal music department this fall by ordering all of your magazine subscriptions though our students. Thanks for your support!

Lyn Bouma
Choral Director
Omaha Central High School
Last Updated: Thursday, June 18, 2020