The CHS Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund


On December 8, 2020, a member of the Class of 1932 donated $2,000 to start the CHS Scholarship Endowment Fund. The CHS administration (Principal G.E. “Doc” Moller) immediately started to solicit money from various sources in order to guarantee the perpetual growth of the fund.

In 1982, the parent group (PTA), called “P.E.P.” (Parents Educators Pupils) worked with the CHS staff to conduct a spring scholarship auction and dinner from which half of the net proceeds would be added to the Scholarship Endowment Fund. In the last few years, the allocation was changed so that now one-third of the funds raised at the Auction is distributed into the Fund. Over time, other sizeable and many smaller donations have increased the Scholarship Endowment Fund which is now valued at $400,000!

If a class or individual wants an Endowment Scholarship named after them or someone else, a donation can be given to perpetuate a Scholarship each year for eternity. We currently have 19 named scholarships. They are:

Named Scholarship 
1. Class of 1932
2. Class of 1939
3. Class of 1946
4. Class of 1947
5. Class of 1967
6. W. Edward Clark (CHS ’32)
7. Dick Jones Memorial
8. John Keenan
9. Diane Durfee Lundberg Krider
10. Arthur L. (CHS 1916) & Genevieve K. Loomis
11. E. Frank Maycock (CHS 1948)
12. Gaylord E. “Doc” Moller
13. Terry Moshier (CHS 1954)
14. Debra Peirce (CHS 1982)
15. Ramona Byers Sanders Memorial (CHS 1965)
16. James Baume Stryker (CHS 1942)
17. CHS Foundation “Teacher of the Year”
18. Donald R. Weber (CHS 1933)
19. World War II Memorial

Only the interest from the invested Fund is utilized to award scholarships to deserving graduating seniors. Recipients are chosen by the Faculty Scholarship Committee on the basis of application, scholarship, citizenship, need and other scholarships a graduate may have been offered.

The Scholarship Endowment Fund has provided 325 Scholarships since the first one was awarded in 1983, with the total amount given $188,500! Please contact The Foundation if you would like to contribute to the Fund. Thanks for your support!

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