September 2005

Dear Central Parents:

As co-presidents of Central High Schoolís P.E.P. organization, we welcome you to Central and the start of a new school year. Whether your student is entering as a freshman, transfer student or a returning student, we invite you to become an active part of our organization of parents, educators and pupils. Centralís tradition of active and involved parents is the envy of other high schools throughout the Omaha community.

This school year marks a very important milestone in the life of Central High School. The beautiful new Seemann Stadium was dedicated in late August. This will be a wonderful new addition to our campus and one that will benefit students for decades to come. The construction project to update and modernize the building have been or will soon be completed. The building is air conditioned for the first time in its long existence. The basketball gymnasium has been expanded and work on the new lobby will be done in time for basketball season. P.E.P. has decided to celebrate these events with some special activities to be held throughout the year. Our theme will be "Central.......Celebrating Excellence!" We hope you will join us as we celebrate all that makes Central High School such a wonderful environment for our children.

P.E.P. meetings are held on the second Monday of each month during the school term, except December. Even if your participation is limited to attending the meetings, you will be glad you came! You will have the opportunity to meet other parents, learn of opportunities to support Central events and projects, and hear from Mr. Bexten as to what is really happening at Central. It is a great forum to ask questions and find answers. We also plan to have some interesting speakers at each meeting on topics of interest to parents.

Central High School is noted for its tradition of excellence, its alumni who have achieved prominence in many fields, a faculty without equal and a student body characterized by high academic achievement and great diversity. As a result, students graduating from Central feel at home anywhere in the world. It is this excellence that we choose to celebrate this year. We invite all parents to support the Central High community through membership and participation in P.E.P. at whatever level you desire. Attending meetings will allow you to meet and become friends with other Central parents, faculty and students. If you are new to Central, or are a parent of a returning Central student, please join us on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. and be part of your students education.

Please take a moment to complete the membership form found on the Central website ( under the P.E.P. tab or contact us. Note the many opportunities available for volunteering. In addition, we have also provided an application to be a Patron of the Performing Arts. This is an important way to support fine arts at Central.

We look forward to meeting you again or for the first time. Come and help us as we take time to Celebrate Excellence at Central High School!


Don & Shelley Erikson P.E.P. Co-Presidents, 2005-2006
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