What Is P.E.P.?

P.E.P. is the parent-teacher organization at Central High School. It stands for Parents, Educators and Pupils. We help to support activities that impact students, teachers and administrators in a way that will enhance their educational experience. In addition, we provide a forum for parents to enable them to learn and grow in their knowledge of CHS.

P.E.P. was organized in 1979 (prior to that, it had been a PTA) to support and promote the tradition of excellence that has developed at CHS. We invite and strongly encourage parents to become involved through P.E.P. with their student's high school experience.

Meetings are open to everyone and are typically held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month during the school term in the vocal music room (#145) at CHS. There will be no meeting in December, 2005.

Involvement in P.E.P. means that you can learn and keep up-to-date with what's going on at school. As you already know, one of the best ways to help your student be successful is to take an active role in his or her daily life. P.E.P. is a great way to support your child and be involved in one of the most important aspects of his or her life right now- high school.

Volunteer assistance is welcome and most appreciated. Whether you decide to take a major or minor role with the organization is up to you. Perhaps you just want to come to P.E.P. meetings to become informed, meet other parents, talk to administrators or discover new things about your child and CHS. Thatís great! You are more than welcome to do just that. On the other hand, if you would like to take a more active role and volunteer to assist with the many activities for which we are responsible, that is great too. No matter what your motivation, there is a place for you in P.E.P.

If you have any questions about membership or would like to get involved with a specific P.E.P. activity or project, please feel free to contact Co-Presidents Don or Shelley Erikson at 697-1420. We would like to hear from you.

What Does P.E.P. Do?

We raise funds for our operating budget through three main activities:

  1. P.E.P. membership dues;
  2. Sale of refreshments at Fine Arts events;
  3. Sale of special CHS logo items

P.E.P. also sponsors an annual scholarship fundraiser. Funds from that activity are divided three ways to support:

  1. College scholarships for Central students;
  2. Teacher grants for special projects at the school that benefit all students;
  3. The Central High School Foundation

A committee comprised of CHS faculty selects the scholarship recipients, while a committee of parents and staff select the CHS faculty grant recipients.

We need your expertise and help to complete the projects P.E.P. undertakes each year. Here is a small sampling of these projects:

  • Sponsorship of an annual fundraiser to raise scholarship funds for seniors, to add to the CHS Foundation Endowment fund, and to provide grants for special projects to benefit all students at CHS;
  • Coordination of a patron program to support the performing arts at Central;
  • Hosting the annual Holiday Tea and other appreciation events for the CHS staff;
  • Sale of school spirit items and merchandise;
  • Hosting the annual post-prom party for students;
  • Assists with Purple Feather Day, the National Honor Society Brunch and the Senior Recognition Reception;
  • Provides refreshments for open houses, parent-teacher conferences, stage performances and freshman orientation;
  • And many more exciting projects.
Last Updated: Thursday, August 31, 2020