Economy Challenged the Friends of CHS Cruise

The downturn in the economy negatively impacted the first Friends of CHS Cruise, but it has also severely impacted the entire vacation industry, according to Chris (Andreasen) Pellman ‘82, Special Events Coordinator. While there was good interest in the cruise group initially, the interest seemed to dwindle as the economy started to trend down – especially the stock market. A good majority of the bookings were senior citizens or retirees and vacations were quickly cancelled. For these reasons the group dropped below “group” status with the cruise line and the Alumni Association was forced to cancel the cruise.

Do we think the Alumni Association will consider this again in the future? Absolutely! “We really believe this is a great opportunity for the Alumni of CHS and if other, much smaller OPS Alumni Groups, can make it successful, Central should do the same and more” said Pellman. We will revisit the idea in the future, but in the meantime if any CHS Alumni would like to share their feedback regarding itineraries, dates or any other thoughts, please e-mail Chris Pellman at She would love to hear your ideas and all input will be considered when the time is right for “Eagles at C” to sail again.
Last Updated: Tuesday, May 05, 2020