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CHS Class of 1998
(All names are listed by first name, maiden name, and current last name.)

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Marlene Andikasim
Sarah Barsell
Jason Bickford
Lashanti Bishop
Summer Brown
Jennifer Castro
Jaime Chrastil
Alyssa Cyr
Latisha Dixon
Ellen Eustice
Jennifer Finley
Bo Gebbie
Decia Harper
Jasmine Henderson
Sean Julich
Zuzana Kubicova


Latasha Lucas
Molly Medakovich
Stacee Nguyen
Patricia Odinas
Ana Karina Osuna
April Picard
Athena Roberson
Latisha Simonds
Joseph Snell
Hoan Tran
Miriam Uebe
Leslie Ujhely
Leigh Vaughn
Samuel Wead
Julie Weston
Lucas White
Elizabeth Winberg
Joseph Yard


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